Dew Revive

Waterless Multipurpose Hydration Stick For Face & Body

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Dew Revive

Multipurpose Waterless Hydrating Face & Body Stick

Our multipurpose waterless hydrating face & body stick is convenient, easy to apply, while protecting & moisturizing skin from head to toe.

Balances Moisture In Skin




Balaeyon is a brand that introduces women to sustainable beauty that goes beyond being clean. Our products are formulated with effective ingredients and sustainable packaging, in the most elevated way, to make you feel luxurious and conscious of your impact on the environment.

We are a company that works to lessen our carbon footprint.


1. Using 100% post consumer recycled components made with cardboard. Our tubes are 50% LESS plastic than conventional containers.

2. We use compostable mailers/shippers, made from corn. Mailers take
3-6 months to breakdown and won’t reside in landfills for 250 years!

3. Producing locally in Long Island to reduce gas emissions.

4. Connecting you to locations where you can drop off
your used tubes to be recycled.

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Balaeyon's story is born from RaeDawn's journey as a woman of color. Embracing her unique identity, skincare became her lifelong passion, influenced by her mother's practices. Witnessing the transformative power of natural remedies, she was driven to help those with skin conditions, particularly after seeing her father's struggle with radiation burns.

With a career as a celebrity makeup artist, RaeDawn bridged her natural remedy knowledge with technical expertise. Recognizing a gap in the market, she saw the need for inclusive, effective, and accessible products. Balaeyon was born.

Our products simplify self-care, catering to diverse skin needs and busy lifestyles. We prioritize effectiveness, sustainability, chic design, and travel-friendliness. By infusing ingredients cherished by people of color, we celebrate diverse beauty experiences. Balaeyon transcends conventional beauty norms, embodying a philosophy of balance, sustainability, and boundless potential.

"My vision for Balaeyon was simple: to make every single one of you feel extraordinary in your own skin, no matter where life's journey leads you.

We live in a world that never seems to slow down, where time is a precious commodity. That's why Balaeyon is crafted with your bustling lifestyle in mind. I want you to experience the joy of feeling your absolute best, effortlessly and on-the-go.

Whether you're conquering the boardroom, exploring new adventures, or simply savoring quiet moments at home, Balaeyon is here to be your steadfast companion. Our products are designed not just to enhance your appearance, but to be a source of comfort and confidence, right when you need it. Together, let's embrace the beauty that's uniquely yours. Join us on this journey of balance beyond beauty."


Dew Revive is a product that illuminates every hue. That means it is made for all skin complexions and tones. It is also for all ages and because it is all natural it’s safe for parents to use on their kids. Women men, and children will benefit from Dew Revive.

Dew Revive is dermatologist tested. Dew Revive Does NOT clog pores. It can be used on all skin types. Combination, normal, dry, and sensitive skin will benefit. It will help balance out moisture in oily skin.

A little bit of Dew Revive goes a long way!

As with any skin care product if you experience irritation discontinue use.

The primary ingredient in Dew Revive is Shea butter which means it naturally can feel a bit grainy or you might find that the product breaks apart. Graininess in Shea Butter is fairly common. This is not a reflection of the quality of the butter, but merely a reaction to temperature fluctuations.

Dew Revive needs to soften before application. The warmth of our body temperature warms the product up quickly. 

Two ways to warm up and use Dew Revive: 

1. Warming up dew revive by rubbing it on the back of your hand. This will allow the butter to soften. Dew Revive is now ready for application. 


2. Rubbing your fingers around the product to warm up it up. Dew Revive is now ready for application. 

This is how we recommend softening for use. Dew Revive will now melt right into your skin for lasting moisture

Dew revive is multi purpose. This means the ways you can use it are truly up to and your specific need

Add it in your everyday beauty routine or keep it packed as a travel essential in your toiletry bag wherever you go for skin hydration from head to toe.

It can also be used as a face moisturizer or primer under your makeup that creates a smooth canvas for your foundation to be applied. 

Even use it as an under eye moisturizer or keep lips moisturized for the perfect pout! 

If you find that it is a bit too heavy for your face you can use it on your décolletage for a hydrated glow that shows off your neckline. 

Use it on the arms or legs for a healthy moisturized glow that will also leave your skin feeling silky soft.

You will be left with a thin layer of glow. Which will absorb into your skin in minutes! 

Dew Revive is a natural product that has no synthetic perfumes. 

What it does have is Frankincense aka Boswellia oil which can often times give off an earthy scent… that ingredient is included in the formula to soothe skin conditions



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