Dew Revive

Waterless Hydrating Face & Body Stick

Our new hydrating waterless face & body stick is convenient, easy to apply, & preps the face as your foundation for beautiful flawless skin. It can be used on the go with or without makeup.

Balances Moisture In Skin



Where To Use Dew Revive


Balaeyon was created to provide dynamic, ambitious women of all ethnicities and generations effective solutions to their everyday beauty problems, on the go.

We make consciousness of our impact on the world a priority, sourcing and deriving beauty secrets and ingredients from around the globe.

Balaeyon is normalizing sexy skin care experiences by providing beauty essentials that are lux, sustainable, and travel-chic.

It is the balance in life around us,
the beauty the earth holds,
and all the things beyond
that make us unique.


Balaeyon is a brand that introduces women to sustainable beauty that goes beyond being clean. Our products are formulated with effective ingredients and sustainable packaging, in the most elevated way, to make you feel luxurious and conscious of your impact on the environment.

We are a company that works to lessen our carbon footprint.


1. Using 100% post consumer recycled components made with cardboard. Our tubes are 50% LESS plastic than conventional containers.

2. We use compostable mailers/shippers, made from corn. Mailers take 3-6 months to breakdown and won’t reside in landfills for 250 years!

3. Producing locally in Long Island to reduce gas emissions.

4. Connecting you to locations where you can drop off your used tubes to be recycled.

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As a WOC it took time for me to embrace my differences. My name and appearance, had me questioning who I was and where I fit in the world around me. However, embracing my skincare has always been a part of my DNA from the beginning. From steaming my face at age 10, to being doused in rosemary, tea tree oil, and herbal remedies by my mother as a child. I learned the importance of maintaining a consistent self-care routine.

Fast forward a few years, now working as a celebrity makeup artist for over 15 years, I quickly learned that the demanding nature of the times requires one to be quick on their feet. After incorporating many of the natural products I used growing into my professional life, I realized not many women, outside of WOC, use these products. I also realized these same products were both equal parts zero education around how these products benefit ALL women, but also non-esthetically pleasing nor were they travel-friendly. I saw an opportunity to blend my professional knowledge with ideas for products that make self-care and beauty routines easier while on the go. Using my mother's knowledge of all natural and holistic remedies for healing combined with the idea that allows ease of lifestyle demands is the goal for all Balaeyon products. While simultaneously being sustainable, these products will be effective, chic, and travel-friendly. Balaeyon is normalizing sexy skincare experiences by incorporating products and ingredients beloved by WOC for the ultimate self-care experience. Balaeyon is balance beyond beauty.

Balance by providing sustainable products that are familiar and chic

Beyond what we know and see aka no limits

Balance by providing sustainable products that are familar and chic

Beyond what we know and see aka no limits

Beauty is all woman


Shea Butter has been a staple in many women’s beauty routines for centuries.

In 19 West African nations shea butter is considered women’s gold. These women harvest the raw ingredients, which allows them to improve their quality of life, lifting up their families & their communities.

Shea Butter has the ability to replenish vital nutrients into the skin all while quenching skin's thirst, leaving you with a dewy glow.

For Balaeyon, Shea Butter is the gold in our Dew Revive.

Dew Revive is a luxurious, sexy nutrient-dense shea stick, complete with antioxidants. It avoids the mess of traditional shea butter while providing all its benefits. It coats the skin with a soft, protective armor that allows you to lock in moisture and still feel it the next day.

Our Shea Butter is fair trade & sourced from Ghana. It is 100% natural, derived from our earth.


On the majority of skincare ingredient labels water is the number one ingredient. Of course water isn’t a bad ingredient to add into skincare.

However, the first five ingredients on skincare labels makeup at least 80 percent of the product, which means that in many cases the product is mostly water. Therefore water may compromise a large percentage of the ingredients in a formula, so you’re not reaping the full benefits of the ingredients.

In addition, formulas that contain water require preservatives. Commonly used preservatives include parabens. These parabens may present health risk. So Balaeyon decided to provide you with a natural product with active ingredients, minus the water, for that healthy glow.

Dew Revive is dermatologist tested. Dew Revive Does NOT clog pores. It can be used on oily, combination, normal, dry, and sensitive skin.

As with any skin care product if you experience irritation discontinue use.

Yes! However we suggest Dew Revive be applied as the base 1st and then you proceed with regular makeup application.

Yes, our formula is vegan & gluten free.

Our email address is contact@balaeyon.com

Dew Revive's main ingredient is Shea Butter. Graininess in Shea Butter is fairly common. This is not a reflection of the quality of the butter, but merely a reaction to temperature fluctuations. So when the Dew Revive formula is poured as a liquid into its tube, crystallization aka the grittiness, is due to the various fatty acids melting and cooling at different rates.